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From Taos News Article April 7, 2021

Lynne Robinson 

"The menu is Kiwi Food, not as in the fruit, but as in the country - New Zealand, where I'm originally from!

Pies - meat pies, chicken pies, beef beef bourgeon pies, sausage rolls, Lolly Cake, home-made ice-cream, and delicious gourmet sandwiches."

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Our Specialties

We specialize in dishes that originate from New Zealand!

Meat Pies, Vegetarian Pies, Sausage Rolls, Hokey Pokey Ice-Cream, Lolly Cake!

Although this food is a little naughty ~ for an occasional treat it warms the soul.

On Ski Days its great to give you sustained energy all day long.

So, to keep it healthy this summer, I have added all my own personal favorites and my friends favorites from our travels around the world.