A note from Aly - February 2022


The road has been so tough for me (and all of us) these past few years through COVID. I

have for some reason felt flakey when I have heard people label me as the "Master of reinvention" but the truth really is that times have been so fragile that one has to be flexible to keep afloat and reinventing ones self is actually a skill that I am now proud of.

My little food cart is up and running in Seco in the #secolive space. We were given a trial for the space from Dec 23rd (our cart opening day) to January 8th. The feedback was so positive that we were granted an extension of our lease and will be serving through the end of 2021/2022 ski season.

This past month has been many trials...and errors!

Recipe modifications, determining cart hours, menu changes, finding the "sweet spot" on pricing, sourcing great packaging, finding staff, keeping staff, paying staff!!!

Now, I think, we are at a place with the cart that we are ready to duplicate!

Yep, a second cart is in the outfitting and permitting process and once completed we will be setting her up in the center of town.

Our menu, for the most part, will be the same, but we will be adding a classic New Mexican dish and a couple of Signature Burgers. Not saying any more as I do not want to jinx the permitting process.

I feel so blessed to have a really awesome crew.

I have managed to snag Shay (Shaphan Laos) who has a wealth of knowledge in baking and a long history at El Gamal's. We have been working together on the perfect falafel and think we are just about there. The combination we have found best is double the amount of greens (parsley, cilantro, green onions, mint) and air frying them!

The air frying option feels really good knowing that we are providing a really healthy, super yummy falafel ball.

Of course, everything is home-made including the tahini and tzatziki.

Serendipity seems to be the theme so far this year and the rest of my crew have all appeared in such a serendipitous way.

Abbie, I have known for a while, but never knew she could bake so well and boy, this girl knows about nearly everything! She is the most intelligent person I have been around in a long while.

Tim Lujan worked for me in my Austing Haus days and contacted me last year when I desperately needed help. He's in the cart on Saturday afternoons and is about to get a crew together from the pueblo to paint cart #2. And Jeremy was introduced to me by Shay and works Wednesday's and Thursdays on the cart.

A lot of people have been calling to try and place orders for pick up. We are working on an online solution for this and should have it up and running very soon. You will be able to place an order online which gets confirmed, then printed out in the carts and we text you 5 mins ahead from when its ready to pick up.

Some new things we are working on this month is offering meal deals with gyros or pies. For just an extra $4 we will be making daily sides like tabbouleh, coleslaw and salads. I am really excited about this as our geodesic dome green house has just been planted out with seeds for starts and this year we plan to offer home grown organic greens whenever possible.

For the Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free Diets we will have all the options available by the end of this month. Currently we are formulating a GF pita. This is challenging but we are nearly there.

Now is the time to apply for all of the festivals that we want to attend so the applications are starting to go in. I am looking at some new events, ABQ Balloon Rally, Red River Motorcycle Rally, State Fair and we will hopefully be able to return to the events we vended at last year - Big Barn Dance, Red River Festivals and the Wool Fest (in Santa Fe this year ~ BOO)

We have our cart menu in place now and can be found by visiting this page Silver Bullet MENU

The "Silver Bullet" hours are Mon-Fri 11:30 - 5:30pm and Sat/Sun 8am-5:30pm

We always welcome suggestions as we are constantly trying to make things yummier.

Thank you for your support!

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